Tres Rios Silver

Elegant in its simplicity, Tres Rios Silver exemplifies genuine tequila in the nose and taste. It is the purest expression of the distinctive quality of Blue Agave used in its distillation. Given deliberate nurturing, Blanco releases the most unique aroma, the freshest taste and the strongest Agave flavor of the three Tres Rios products. The harvest is deferred for two years in order to fully ripen the fruits sugars, resulting in a richer honey. The Agave is then slow roasted in small brick ovens, producing unique yet pure aroma and taste.

Tres Rios Reposado

Alluring sweet nectar, slightly layered with smoke and vanilla makes this Reposado unique. The aroma is softened after spending four months in oak, yet the flavor still displays much of the original qualities of this highly nurtured Blue Agave. Tres Rios is careful to preserve the natural flavors of their premium late Harvest Blue Agave, resulting in a soft, authentic taste that is filled with character.

Tres Rios Anejo

Aged to perfection after eighteen months in charred wooden barrels, this Tequila displays a deep, intense caramel color that embodies its complexity. The unmistakable taste of sweet vanilla and smoke imparted by the ageing enhances the original fruit. The result of this exclusive technique is a complex taste, balance,and character that form a symphony for the taste buds.