The Distillery

The Distillation Process

The Agave farmed by the Ojeda family on their land averages eight years, compared to a market average of five or six years.  The natural sugars inherent to the older Agave add depth and character to the finished product.

After the Agave is cut, it is stacked to bake in a brick oven for 36 hours, compared to the average of 12 to 24 hours, to impart the particular nuances of Tres Rios.

The Ojeda Family uses artesian well water from a depth of 90 meters below surface to compliment the quality of the distillation process.
The yeast in Tres Rios is allowed to ferment for 24 to 48 hours, no more, no less to achieve the perfect balance that is observed in this fine and smooth tequila.

Finally, Tres Rios is double distilled using the finest cooper tubing and pot stills.  With such craftsmanship in the process, the only result is that of the highest quality tequila produced


Located in Guadalajara, Mexico,  Tequila Tlaquepaque was built over 70 years ago by the Sanchez Martin family in what is known today as the *Convent of the Refreshing Mothers*.  Ownership changed in 1994 when the Carlos B. Ojeda Orozco formed a team with daughters Frida, Erica, Lourdes and Susana Ojeda Sanchez, the granddaughters of Enrique Sanchez Llaguno, the tequilaria founder.

In 1995 Tequila Tlaquepaque received a certificate from the Tequila Regulatory Counsel, the governing body of Tequila.  In 1998, the tequilaria was awarded a gold medal by the American Tasting Institute as the best flavor of 100% Agave Tequila.