"Tequila that Rocks.....Viva Tres Rios"

Vince Neil, frontman for rock group Motley Crue, being of Mexican heritage arrived in Mexico to seek the most authentic, superior and high quality tequila created from only the finest Agave. 

Vince explored the lush Agave plantation and was offered a taste of the fruit of this time-honored Mexican tradition.  During his journey, Vince found himself resting at the crossroads of three lush rivers and he imagined they were flowing with the world*s most supreme tequila.  The purity of the rivers and the eternal process of using 100% authentic Agave inspired the birth of Tres Rios Tequila.

Vince Neil will not endorse a brand, unless, it is of the highest quality.  We are proud to say, Tres Rios tequila is A Vince Neil Selection.